The weaving preparation sector is changing, moving more towards value-added fabrics. Recognized by the versatility of their machines, COMSAT presents TECMAT, the warper that can successfully meet any type of application.

Technology combined with the experience gained in the course of three generations is the starting point of TECMAT, allowing our customers to obtain the highest performance and productivity with the simplicity of operation that characterizes our machines

Maximum productivity and versatility in warping

Maximum productivity during the warping process with the widest range of yarns.

New architecture of construction

Designed with maximum strength and rigidity to offer reliability during the whole warping and beaming processes.

Automatic warp section tension control

The automatic warp section tension device, guarantees an identical length and tension of the yarns independent of the bobbin diameter and the warping speed.

  • Allows speed changes at any time during the warping process.
  • Keeps the tension constant during the acceleration and stop of the machine.

Automatic feed system

Completely automatic feed determina-tion, without the need for any previous calculation or the need to introduce parameters with regard to the yarn nature.

Together with the evener roll, identical warp sections with the same diameter are obtained.

New design of the reading cylinder without gravity effect to obtain more precise readings. Optionally, installation of a laser reading system to determine the automatic feed without any contact with the yarn.

Automatic beaming tensión control

With the automatic tension control system in the beaming, a constant tension is guaranteed throughout the beaming process.

  • Allows speed changes at any time during the beaming process.
  • Keeps the tension constant during the acceleration and stopping of the machine.

Technology of control

The process control architecture is open to new innovations adaptable to the system:

  • Intuitive and user friendly software.
  • Incorporation of a second touch screen on the beaming unit.
  • Ethernet connection for remote diagnostics and software updates.
  • Through the system of recipes integrated in the software of the machine, offers the possibility to safely reproduce previous styles without errors.

Traceability of the whole process

– User registration system.
– Automatic storage of the history of the last 1000 warps with the most significant data of the process.
– Pre-configuration for the connection of the software to the ERP system of the company.
– Connection to a local network for the process visualization, allowing the extraction of reports and data in real time.
– Control of machine times.

Data Sheet TECMAT

Useful working width 2000 mm to 4000 mm
Maximum folder diameter 1000 mm
Warping tension 500 N
Warping speed 1200 m/min
Available tapers 7º – 9º – 14º
Maximum girdle width 225 mm – 450 mm – 575 mm
Maximum bending tension 8000 N – 12000 N
Maximum folding speed 300 m/min – 200 m/min