The big brother of the UNI sectional warping series allows high productivity and great power without compromising precision and quality.

The COMSAT technical team has developed a sectional warper for beams up to 1250mm, maintaining the versatility of the UNI series sectional warpers, ideal for applications where high tensions and large diameter beams are required.


Maximum productivity

The fast synchronized movements of the machine combined with the high speed of warping and folding, provide maximum productivity.

Versatility in warping

Allows warping of a diverse range of yarns from the coarsest to the finest.

Automatic warp section tension control

The automatic warp section tension device, guarantees an identical length and tension of the yarns independent of the bobbin diameter and the warping speed.

  • Allows speed changes in the middle of the warping process.
  • Keeps the tension constant during the acceleration and stop of the machine.

Warping table

The high precision of the warping table assures a quality warp.

  • Minimum variation of the warping section.
  • Easy access to the control panel.

Minimum loss of yarns

Through an effective system of hydraulic brakes, a fast stop action is obtained, minimizing the loss of yarns inside the warping drum.

The split up of the warp stop motions installed on the creels speeds up the warper stop when a yarn is broken.

The broken yarn memorisation in the warping process and its repair in the beaming process, avoids warping defects when a yarn is lost on the drum.

Automatic feed system

Completely automatic feed determina-tion, without the need for any previous calculation or the need to introduce parameters with regard to the yarn nature.

Together with the evener roll, identical warp sections with the same diameter are obtained.

Automatic beaming tension control

With the automatic beaming tension control, a constant tension during the whole beaming process is assured without affecting any external factors.

Allows speed changes in the middle of the beaming process.
Keeps the tension constant during the acceleration and stop of the machine.

New technology of control

The latest architecture of process control enables new applications.

  • Intuitive and user friendly software.
  • Incorporation of a second touch screen on the beaming unit.
  • Internet connection for remote diagnostics.
  • Connection to a local network for a whole visualization of the process, allowing the transfer of reports and real time data.

Faithful reproduction of the whole process

Using the simple system of recipes built into the software of the machine, it can accurately reproduce previously produced beams.

  • Reduced machine set up times.
  • Eliminates the possibility of faulty data entry.

Other features

  • Partial stops in the beaming process for placement of separation markers.
  • Minimum turns at slow speed during the final section thanks to the drum inertia compen-sation.
  • Alignment of the warping table to reduce the angles of the yarns coming from leasing device.
  • Possibility to modify the feed during the first section.
  • All functions are performed with maximum safety.

Working width: from 2.000 mm to 4.000 mm
Warp beam diameter: 1.250 mm
Warping maximum tension: 750 N
Warping maximum speed: 800 m/min
Cone angle: 7º / 9º / 14º
Band width: 225 mm  / 450 mm / 575 mm
Beaming maximum tension: 13.000 N / 18.000 N
Beaming maximum speed: 200 m/min  / 150 m/min