COMSAT. We manufacture textile machinery.

Construcciones Mataró Servicios y Asistencia Tecnica, known as COMSAT, is a company engaged in manufacturing of textile machinery for weaving preparation; sectional warping machines and creels, as well as auxiliary machinery; inspection machines, batching units and selvedge warpers.


COMSAT, in stirving to remain at the forefront of technological progress, has developed the advanced and fully computerized UNI / ENEVO series sectional warping machine. This new generation of warpers confirms the “Design and Technology” motto that has set COMSAT aside throughout their history.


COMSAT has different possible configurations of creels to solve the necessities of each costumer. It is possible to get different configurations combining loading systems, tensioners and warping stop motions.

Amplia gama de maquinaria auxiliar


Batching Motion

COMSAT’s extensive experience in the textile world has allowed the creation of the third generation of their batching motions. The AT-41 III series batcher has a number of technological and design improvements that make it more versatile, flexible and adaptable to any type of fabric.

Selvedge Warper

Warper for filling of selvedge bobbins, with standard creels for 12, 24 or 36 bobbins.

Inspection Machines

Inspection machines with different possible configurations, such as roll to roll system, roll to fold system, etc. COMSAT is highly adaptable which allows them to meet the requirements  of each costumer, starting with the matex and office series.

A global sales agents network

The COMSAT sale representatives net is very extensive around the world. You can find the contact of our representatives in several countries of Europe, Asia, America and Oceania.