COMSAT, in stirving to remain at the forefront of technological progress, has developed the advanced and fully computerized UNI series sectional warping machine.

This new generation of warpers confirms the “Design and Technology” motto that has set COMSAT aside throughout their 55 years of history. The UNI series allows warping of any type of material, from cut fibers to continuous fibers with or without twist, as well as glass, plastic, etc… thanks to its experiences and highly evolved, fully automatic advance determination system, eliminating the need for previous calculation or for entering parameters on the nature of the yarn.

The highly robust UNI series is built with reliability and precision machining requiring minimal maintenance, designed to achieve prime quality warping in all kinds of production. There are three separate, fully independent units:

Leasing unit


This is a fixed element located centrally between the creel and the warper. The yarns from the creel enter the reed separated by chrome bars, preventing knots or crossing.

The number of separations is the same as the number of rows in the creel.

Using a device that is mechanically driven, the operator can place all the layers of yarns on the same level at any time, which makes it easy to locate any yarn that might be missing. Thanks to this pneumatic system, the reed may be moved vertically and the leases may be made fast without any need to touch the yarns.

We can also offer as an option in this leasing device:

  • 1) Programming system for carrying out leases semi-automatically.
  • 2 ) Vertical to-and-fro movement in the lease reed to prevent wear caused by the continuous passage of the warp.

Warping unit


Built in steel with two bedframes joined by crossbeams to ensure a rigid and robust construction, allowing vibration-free high-speed operation. The continuous movement of the warping unit ensures constant angles at the drum yarn inlet.

The drum, in a single piece with fixed cone, is built in steel plate and fiber glass with polyester resin coating to ensure high strength for all kinds of materials.

Type of conicity for the drum:

  • a) 14º  ¼ ratio for medium and thick materials.
  • b) 9º 1/6 ratio for medium and fine materials.
  • c) 77º 1/8 ratio for very fine and slippery materials.

Grupo de plegado


El dispositivo de plegado es un grupo fijo, totalmente independiente del urdidor, de una gran rigidez y que nos permite poder enrollar materias con gran tracción.